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Universel KIT SET FOR BMW - Le Mans Martini Racing Stripe + Logo Sticker bandes M1

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195,00 EUR
Adhesive kit available for any other make or model of vehicle by simple request*
*pricing may vary depending on the dimensions and different classifications of vehicles example: City, Sedan, Family, Utility, Bus and Truck...

Graphic Express offers you its different kits and stickers in Monomer version or Polymer version.

We strongly advise you to purchase your adhesive kit with a lamination finish.
Lamination is a transparent film against sticking to the printed adhesive that allows encapsulation of inks to protect them from UV rays from the sun.
It also protects from mechanical aggressions: branching, pebble projection, dust, car wash...

Characteristics of Monomer adhesive and
polymer adhesive printed by Graphic Express

1. Monomer adhesives Eco-price version duration 1 to 3 years (can last longer depending on use)
Vinyl monomer is the classic and economical support.
Its service life is however limited and this support is sensitive to temperature variations that can lead to expansion.
Positive point: The price
Negative: monomer adhesives can shrink with climatic variations (hot and cold)
with the years the edges of the adhesives tend to show dark traces on the edges because the dilations cause slight movements
retraction that involves contact of the glue with the environment (dust, water, mud etc...)

2. Polymer adhesives much more resistant in time service life 3 to 7 years
Polymer vinyl offers better resistance in outdoor use, with a longer service life.
It is an excellent compromise quality/ durability/ price.


KIT - Martini RACING - adaptable to almost all vehicles whose parts to be covered do not exceed 160cm in length



- 1 Cover strip
- 1 Front bumper strip
- 1 Roof strip
- 1 rear tailgate strip
- 1 Rear bumper strip
- 2 bottom bands
- 1 Martini M1 logo hood
- 2 Martini M1 doors logo
- 1 Logo martini M1 trunk
- 1 Performance sun visor

Conditions for laying: the surface must be clean, smooth and degreased
we sell very powerful professional cleaning products in case of needs contact us

French manufacture

Do not hesitate to contact me for more details or customizations

The stickers are longer to facilitate placement for installation

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone for more details or customizations...

TRANSPARENT KITS are recommended only for white vehicles!
Conditions for laying: the surface must be clean, smooth and degreased
we sell very powerful professional cleaning products and installation assistance....
in case of need contact us

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