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Custom Jewelry 2XCD - Juleunique X White Lotus Feat. Wu tang clan members, Ghostface KILLAH, PRODIGAL SUN, BIG TWIN, Trife Diesel, Black - 2XCD metal square

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🔥Juleunique x White lotus🔥
📀 Custom Jewelry Part 1 & 2 📀
FEAT. Ghostface KILLAH, PRODIGAL SUN, BIG TWIN, Trife Diesel, Black Knights and many more...🛒

PART 1 :
1.The design
2.Sour kool aid
3.That Ain't cool
4.Off the wall
5.All smoke (feat. Ghostface, Trifee da God, Big twin, Juleunique, Freemurda, Black knights)
6.Snake eyes
7.Earth prime (feat. Gizella & Prodigal sun)
8.Rocks in my watch (feat. Ghostface killah & Supreme cerebral)
9.Novacane flow (feat. 9th Prince) [Killa army]
10.One in the chamber (feat. Berretta 9) [Killa army]
11.The world according to mik (feat. Warcloud)
12.Warcloud freestlye (Interlude)
13.Good as it gets (feat. Crissis) [Black knights]
14.Jewelry distrct (interlude)
15.Get money
16.Dragon stomp
17.Herringbone poems
18.52 mind state
19.100 foot Buddha
20.Empty eyes (feat. Makeeba Mooncycle)
21.Codine (feat. White lotus)
22.Throw fire (feat. Warcloud) [Remix]
23.Cuban dookey
25.Note to self (Outro

PART 2 :
1.Label chain (intro)
2.Block chain
3.Gold turban (feat. Shogun assassin & Beretta 9)
4.Armored truck (feat. Prodigal sun & Versatilla)
5.Traveling home (feat. VersaTilla)
6.Bottomless pit trap
7.Throw fire (feat. WarCloud) [Remix 2]
8.Neck injury
9.Formidable (feat. Menes the pharaoh)
10.Lock down (feat. Science & mathmatics & Big nucc)
11.Stero type (feat. Big nucc)
13.MIssing cuban link 
14.Fools gold
15.Blind to the facts
16.Cardiac exposion (feat. Menes The Pharaoh, White lotus, Okami Ghosthack)
17.The world according to milk (feat. Warcloud) [Remix 2]
18.Custom medallion rap
19.Never die
20.Heads in a duffle bag
21.Solid gold mind
23.Lotus crown
24.Invsiable setting
25.Keep it reality

Exclusive manufacturing version granted by JULEUNIQUE and WHITE LOTUS to Graphic Express

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