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Boba Fettucini Carlito's Way Brigante Breaks

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18,50 EUR
A1 Why Am I Listening To This?
A2 Train Station Bloodbath
A3 Carlito Gets Off
A4 Dogshit
A5 You Gotta Dream Baby
A6 Pachanga
A7 Big Smile
A8 Murder Most Brutal
A9 Platforms, Cocaine, And Dancers I Don't Dance
A10 Everybody Pays
A11 Benny Blanco From The Bronx
A12 I Ain't Ready To Check Out
B1 Hey Carlito
B2 OK! I'm Reloaded!
B3 You Gonna Fucking Die "Big Time!"
B4 Free At Last, Free At Last
B5 Hermanos Track
B6 Running Smack With Rolando
B7 I Love That Song
B8 This Is Magic Time!
B9 Give Up Your Religious Beliefs
B10 Never Give Up Your Friends, Dave
B11 Klienfeld Squirming / Code Of The Streets
B1 Diapers Man, Fucking Diapers!
B13 Carlito Vs. Benny Blanco
B14 My Million Bucks
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